We’re Not Bidding Against Ourselves

We’re not Bidding Against Ourselves Hi The Auction Group As agents, it’s fair to say we are paid, conversationalists. That being the case the best agents instigate a discussion that empowers their customers to act. One of the many conversations is preparing bidders for auction day and the right series of questions can lift auction … Read More

We Don’t Like Auctions

We Don’t Like Auctions Over the last decade we’ve seen auction volume continually increase year on year in the Sunshine State. So much so they now drive the market and are a clear barometer for how the market is tracking. With this growing trend it’s important to encourage and educate the skeptical buyer on this … Read More

A Bidder’s Advantage

A Bidder’s Advantage Post-Easter our sold under the hammer clearance has dropped, while the post-auction numbers rally to keep auction clearance at an overall 51%. If you are wanting to increase your under the hammer success simply remove the opportunities to purchase prior and post. Think of the public trustee – when a buyer asks, … Read More

One Registered Bidder

One Registered Bidder Over the last decade in Queensland we’ve had an average of 1.9 registered bidders per auction and a 60% chance that they will actually participate. The last year or so we’ve seen that average up four times. Just when we were getting used to this different style of auction, we have returned … Read More

Let the Negotiations Begin

Let the Negotiations Begin They say the art of negotiation is the art of buying time; however, with an auction deadline looming time is of the essence. Does this sound familiar? First offers rejected when perhaps they required further consideration. Buyer can’t participate at the auction, only to be positioned in a multiple offer environment … Read More

We Sell Change

We Sell Change Home buying is not all glamour and excitement. Long after the gavel falls and the adrenaline fades, there’s the moving. Packing, cleaning – not to mention the numerous phone calls to multiple providers to disconnect and connect services, or change the registered address.   The unpacking phase is even worse. Amongst the … Read More

The Attitude Trade Off

The Attitude Trade Off When a new agent joins our industry it’s fair to say they have an abundance of enthusiasm and zero understanding. After attending a training session or two they head out into the marketplace and unashamedly seek out and ask for new business. When competing for the listing their energy is infectious … Read More

It’s Against the Rules

It’s Against the Rules While waiting patiently for a break in traffic before crossing the road, an oncoming car stops and the smiling driver indicates to cross. With some trepidation I step out into the traffic, only to be met with the sound of tyres screeching and horns blowing from the cars in succession of … Read More

Out of the Gates

Out of the Gates Our first ‘Auction Weekend’ for 2018 proved the market has not skipped a beat over the break. With auctions ranging from sub $200k to $5 million plus we witnessed urgency from the market right across the board. The indication of this demand was created by the average 3.8 registered bidders per … Read More


Dirty Work Ever had a big dinner and decided to leave the dishes till the next morning? It seems like such a good idea at the time – you’re pleasantly full, maybe a bit tipsy, and the last thing you want to do is clean up. So you turn your back on the kitchen and … Read More