The Attitude Trade Off

The Attitude Trade Off When a new agent joins our industry it’s fair to say they have an abundance of enthusiasm and zero understanding. After attending a training session or two they head out into the marketplace and unashamedly seek out and ask for new business. When competing for the listing their energy is infectious … Read More

It’s Against the Rules

It’s Against the Rules While waiting patiently for a break in traffic before crossing the road, an oncoming car stops and the smiling driver indicates to cross. With some trepidation I step out into the traffic, only to be met with the sound of tyres screeching and horns blowing from the cars in succession of … Read More

Don’t Confuse Courteous With Confirmation

Don’t Confuse Courteous With Confirmation With the year well underway, we are seeing a few recurring statements. “The reserve has come in way higher than what I was expecting!” “Those buyer’s said they would be here to register and bid but they’re not here!” We are all guilty of agreeing to something simply to avoid … Read More

Out of the Gates

Out of the Gates Our first ‘Auction Weekend’ for 2018 proved the market has not skipped a beat over the break. With auctions ranging from sub $200k to $5 million plus we witnessed urgency from the market right across the board. The indication of this demand was created by the average 3.8 registered bidders per … Read More

Merry Christmas from the Auction Group

Merry Christmas From The Auction Group What a year! In many market places we have seen the best activity since 2007. So many lessons learnt, countless connections made and in reflection it’s been a deeply rewarding decade. For the front line agents that witnessed the last cycle, you’ve proven that your role in the community … Read More


Dirty Work Ever had a big dinner and decided to leave the dishes till the next morning? It seems like such a good idea at the time – you’re pleasantly full, maybe a bit tipsy, and the last thing you want to do is clean up. So you turn your back on the kitchen and … Read More

Our Robot Friends

Our Robot Friends Don’t you just love those automated telephone services? Someone who sounds like the world’s most beautiful woman repeats the messages to you in the most patient way. But it doesn’t help. For many people, dealing with a telephone robot is pure torture. “Your call is important to us, we’ll be with you … Read More

Energy AND Experience

Energy and Experience Do you remember your first ever listing presentation? Remember the nervousness that came with a lack of experience and the burning desire to just succeed? If you’ve been around for a while, you probably don’t get nervous any more. With experience comes a certain confidence, or at least a lack of fear … Read More

Celebrating Success

Celebrating Success Walking in to an Apple store was like entering a completely different reality – jam packed with people and full of amazing technology. But what was most compelling was what happened on the way out. The salesgirl suddenly asked if we’d like to “celebrate” our purchase. Curious as to what she meant, we … Read More

Avoiding the Finger

Avoiding The Finger Imagine your car stopped behind a driver who hasn’t noticed the green light. There’s a dilemma. The only way to get their attention is to honk. But press the horn for too long and you’ll cross the line from a gentle reminder to rudeness. Instead of an apologetic wave, you’ll probably get … Read More