One Registered Bidder

One Registered Bidder Over the last decade in Queensland we’ve had an average of 1.9 registered bidders per auction and a 60% chance that they will actually participate. The last year or so we’ve seen that average up four times. Just when we were getting used to this different style of auction, we have returned … Read More

Let the Negotiations Begin

Let the Negotiations Begin They say the art of negotiation is the art of buying time; however, with an auction deadline looming time is of the essence. Does this sound familiar? First offers rejected when perhaps they required further consideration. Buyer can’t participate at the auction, only to be positioned in a multiple offer environment … Read More

The KPI of Wastage

The KPI of Wastage It’s remarkable how many times during an on-site auction we see a magnet on the fridge that belongs to an opposition agent. We suspect the agents who enthusiastically ordered them never dreamed they’d only be used for holding up pizza menus. The same applies to bus shelter signage and the like. … Read More

We Sell Change

We Sell Change Home buying is not all glamour and excitement. Long after the gavel falls and the adrenaline fades, there’s the moving. Packing, cleaning – not to mention the numerous phone calls to multiple providers to disconnect and connect services, or change the registered address.   The unpacking phase is even worse. Amongst the … Read More

It’s Not What You Say

It’s Not What You Say Amazing things happen when your sellers believe you have done absolutely everything in your power to achieve the very best from the marketplace. The question is what makes them believe it? More often than not your sellers sit above the market, waiting impatiently to be convinced of where the market … Read More

Auction Day Sales

Auction Day Sales Selling the property under the hammer is one thing, taking a step back and observing the big picture is another. Year to date we have had an average of 2.66 registered bidders per auction. What system do we have in place for our under bidders? If they don’t buy from you they’ll … Read More

Majoring in the Minor

Majoring in the Minor Our industry is drenched with distractions. The latest success formula, the technology that makes life ‘easier’ and the new and improved this and that. As agents our most important business activities are: – Open for inspections. They yield far greater numbers of potential sellers than you realise. – Auction campaigns. Simply … Read More