Are You Qualified?

Are You Qualified? Qualification of the buyer is a fine line to tread. Qualify too much and you’ll have no one left, under qualify and the buyer could sabotage your day. We see it regularly, a family with intentions to purchase beachside end up purchasing acreage. It’s not the cringe-worthy saying ‘buyers are liars,’ they … Read More

Get On Board?

Get On Board? Inside the dynamic of any typical day in real estate there are many forces at play. From the broad sweeping economic factors to agent quips suggesting unachievable returns. As the days of the campaign roll by it is inevitable we jump on board the emotional rollercoaster with both buyer and seller. As … Read More

Feb on Feb

Feb on Feb In typical real estate industry form, a barrage of mixed messages is leaving consumers in a state of uncertainty; and generally, uncertainty brings lack of action. February 2018 produced 2.27 registered bidders per auction and has been in a slow decline ever since February 2019 yielding an average of 1.68. There are … Read More