We’re Not Bidding Against Ourselves

We’re not Bidding Against Ourselves Hi The Auction Group As agents, it’s fair to say we are paid, conversationalists. That being the case the best agents instigate a discussion that empowers their customers to act. One of the many conversations is preparing bidders for auction day and the right series of questions can lift auction … Read More

How’s the Market?

How’s the Market? How’s the market? That old chestnut! Been around since the dawn of real estate time. Generally, the questioner is provided with an array of answers from amazing to dire. The beautiful thing about being a real estate agent is that your business doesn’t have to be reliant on the cyclic nature of … Read More

Call Me Maybe

Call Me Maybe? We were trying to book a venue for a function last week. We called one place after another, to be told each time the date was not available. Surprisingly, not one of the people we spoke to said anything other than a flat “no, sorry”. These venues were all transaction focused, only … Read More