Celebrating Success

Celebrating Success Walking in to an Apple store was like entering a completely different reality – jam packed with people and full of amazing technology. But what was most compelling was what happened on the way out. The salesgirl suddenly asked if we’d like to “celebrate” our purchase. Curious as to what she meant, we … Read More

Avoiding the Finger

Avoiding The Finger Imagine your car stopped behind a driver who hasn’t noticed the green light. There’s a dilemma. The only way to get their attention is to honk. But press the horn for too long and you’ll cross the line from a gentle reminder to rudeness. Instead of an apologetic wave, you’ll probably get … Read More

Clean Up

The Clean Up Last week, Jim borrowed his girlfriend Lucy’s car. Jim is pretty fussy and Lucy’s not the tidiest of girls, so when he picked up the car Jim’s first stop was the carwash for a thorough detailing, inside and out. When Lucy arrived back, she was amazed. She couldn’t stop raving about her … Read More