Who’s the Boss Here

Who’s the Boss Here On a recent day off, I headed out for brekkie. Happy to be out and about on a beautiful winter’s day free of the confines of a suit and tie, it’s fair to say I was loving life. It’s also fair to say that when I walked into the café, my … Read More

Finding the Best Way

Finding the Best WayIn the age of technology, it would be a rare person who has not been led astray by their car’s GPS. Accompanied by that sinking feeling, the driver steers the car in what he or she intuitively knows is the wrong direction or the slowest route. But despite their discomfort, they continue … Read More

A Tale of Two Auctions

A Tale of Two AuctionsLast weekend two auctions stood out from the rest and we think its necessary to unpack them for our reader’s interest. Both properties were auctioned on the same day within hours of each other. Auction (A) was an inferior location; the home was smaller, older and lesser value than its comparison. … Read More