Changing Course

Changing CourseOne of our standout auctions this weekend was originally marketed with a price. At the first open for inspection, the agents were run off their feet with interest and found themselves submitting multiple contracts of sale to the seller.  Sounds like the perfect cocktail to obtain a premium price right?  Well, not really… even though the … Read More

White Noise

White NoiseThere are two types of property news. The boom and the gloom. And when it comes to reporting the doom angle, last week’s property media did a great job.Apparently, we’re at “tipping point” (The Australian), confidence in the housing market has “collapsed” and we should “brace for the sell-off” (Sydney Morning Herald).In other big … Read More

Mexicans vs Banana Benders

Mexicans vs Banana Benders Whether it’s down to football or weather, the friendly rivalry between Queensland and the southern states is a firm part of Australia’s history. But when it comes to property prices, the sort of stratospheric numbers southerners have to pay for their homes far outstrips ours – the median house price in … Read More

We’re Open for Business!

We’re Open for Business! Welcome back! Actually, like many of our clients, we never really stopped over the Christmas and New Year period. But even when you’re working, there’s no doubt it’s a special time of year. There’s somehow less pressure and more pleasure – the pace seems slower and both buyers and sellers are more patient generally.Whether … Read More

Staying Ahead of the Game – Auction Wrap Up Dec 10, 2016

Staying Ahead of the Game – Auction Wrap Up Dec 10, 2016 There are a few trends starting to appear lately that require some awareness… Firstly, our ‘Sold Prior’ rate jumped last week to 20% – The majority of these properties that sold prior, sold within the first week of marketing. Another indication of interest … Read More

Easy as first, second, third

Easy as first, second, thirdIf you’ve ever driven through a new housing estate, you’ll see there’s a couple of different ways to approach the landscaping. You could go for organic growth, by planting young versions of the desired greenery and spreading lawn seeds, then carefully tending. Or you might bring in the big gun landscapers … Read More

The Wood and the Trees

The Wood and the TreesThere’s a common phrase we use without thinking – “can’t see the wood for the trees.” Interestingly, it’s one that’s stood the test of time, with the earliest recorded use of it back in 1546. But what does it really mean? In simple terms, it describes the difficulty in having any real perspective if you’re looking too … Read More

The First Time

The First TimeDo you remember the first time you knocked on a door, or made a cold call? Listed a home? Sold it? The nervous energy, the sense of the knife’s edge that sits between success and failure?These moments are turning points, forks in the road that remain crystal clear in our memories.For me, the … Read More