Our Robot Friends

Our Robot Friends Don’t you just love those automated telephone services? Someone who sounds like the world’s most beautiful woman repeats the messages to you in the most patient way. But it doesn’t help. For many people, dealing with a telephone robot is pure torture. “Your call is important to us, we’ll be with you … Read More

Energy AND Experience

Energy and Experience Do you remember your first ever listing presentation? Remember the nervousness that came with a lack of experience and the burning desire to just succeed? If you’ve been around for a while, you probably don’t get nervous any more. With experience comes a certain confidence, or at least a lack of fear … Read More

Celebrating Success

Celebrating Success Walking in to an Apple store was like entering a completely different reality – jam packed with people and full of amazing technology. But what was most compelling was what happened on the way out. The salesgirl suddenly asked if we’d like to “celebrate” our purchase. Curious as to what she meant, we … Read More

Avoiding the Finger

Avoiding The Finger Imagine your car stopped behind a driver who hasn’t noticed the green light. There’s a dilemma. The only way to get their attention is to honk. But press the horn for too long and you’ll cross the line from a gentle reminder to rudeness. Instead of an apologetic wave, you’ll probably get … Read More

Clean Up

The Clean Up Last week, Jim borrowed his girlfriend Lucy’s car. Jim is pretty fussy and Lucy’s not the tidiest of girls, so when he picked up the car Jim’s first stop was the carwash for a thorough detailing, inside and out. When Lucy arrived back, she was amazed. She couldn’t stop raving about her … Read More

The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room Many soon-to-parents who want to keep their baby’s sex a surprise face the dilemma of what colour to paint baby’s room. Luckily, there’s an in-between choice for all the necessary baby gear when we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl – neutral whites and yellows are a great way to … Read More

The New Textbook

The New Textbook Human beings just love the textbook case. It’s all about knowing there’s a plan and knowing it works. In property, the textbook case has always been based on the agent’s process. With the ideal marketing commitment, they can generate healthy buyer activity. Using the right dialogue, they extract the right kind of … Read More

The Work Begins Once it’s Finished

The Work Begins Once it’s Finished There’s nothing better than sitting back and taking a break after finishing a tough job. But sometimes, people break too early. Take would-be athlete A. He gets up early on Sunday morning to train hard. When he gets to the end of his run, he collapses in a heap, … Read More

Handling Offers Prior

Handling Offers Prior A very real senerio in the current market is providing the seller with an opportunity to sell prior to auction. All too often we are witnessing no understanding of the strategy when offers are presented. This is an environment that requires a deep understanding of auction process, and when executed well, will … Read More

Five Star Rating

Five Star Rating Ever been planning a trip away and checked one of those hotel ratings websites? Regular users know a five star rating is less meaningful if the number of reviews behind it is actually very small. To have any real meaning, averages, ratings and percentages all need to be based on a decent … Read More